Civil Services Exam Books list for GS Mains:


Courtesy: B.Sindhu IAS. AIR-17, 2010

1. India’s struggle for independence – Bipan Chandra.

2.India A comprehensive geography – Khullar ; Savinder Singh’s geography book.

3. Indian Polity – M Lakshmikanth (TMH).

4. India 2010 compendium.

5.Any Current affairs compendium.

6. Our Parliament – Subhash Kashyap.

7. Any good book on international relations (latest edition).

8. Indian History – TMH.

9. Indian economy – TMH.

10. Indian Economy – Ruddar Dutt & Sundaram.

11. Introduction to the constitution of India – D D Basu.

12. Any good atlas.

13. General Studies manual – TMH.

14. Question paper bank.

15. Magazines-Civil Services chronicle, Pratiyogita Darpan, wizard etc.( any of them would do).Regular reading helps to remain in touch with happenings.

16. NCERT text books. Download and go through.

17.Science - Hindu science page, didn’t have any particular source. Could manage due to my science background. Mostly gathered latest happenings from the internet.

18. Regular, intense newspaper reading (Hindu, Indian Express). Any paper would be fine as long as its read regularly. Making notes of important topics helps.

19. Vajiram Ravi postal GS course

20. Wikipedia.

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