Dr. Shalia Shah : first woman and second IAS Cracker From Andaman & Nicobar

Dr. Shalia Shah

Shalia Shah wishes to serve her own Islands as IAS Officer

Shalia Shah, the first female candidate to qualify IAS examination from Andaman and Nicobar Island today said that she wants to serve Andaman and Nicobar Islands as Civil Servant. “I belong to this place and understand local issues and if I get a chance to serve these Islands, I would be able to contribute my best efforts for my Islands,” Dr. Shah told Andaman Sheekha today.

The young Doctor, now selected for Civil Services, Dr. (Mrs.) Shalia Shah added that there are lot of schemes, which are introduced by the Government for poor people but actually those schemes never reach to the ground level. “My efforts will be do my best to implement these schemes in these Islands,” she added.

Talking to Andaman Sheekha Dr. (Mrs.) Shah said that she would like to dedicate this honour to her parents, her husband, in-law and everybody else who have helped her directly or indirectly.

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